When the school year ends, many families in our area face a terrible choice:

“How can I go to work when school’s out? There’s no safe place for my son.”

“I can’t continue with my medical therapy when school’s out. There’s no one to care for my daughter while I’m away.”

Other families face a terrible reality when the school year ends:

“Miriam makes great progress during the school year with her reading disability … without attention over the summer, she’ll lose ground.”

“The boys’ father just died. I worry about how much time they spend in this house, where we are grieving. They need a sense of normalcy, they need a place where they can just be young boys.”

Many of the serious problems our neighbors face have no easy solutions. But there is a solution that will help these families – and so many like them: summer camp.

That’s why we have been reaching out to kind, compassionate individuals like you for many years – asking for donations to our Summer Camp Scholarship fund.

With your help, we can ensure that needy children in our area have safe and supportive day camp experiences that meet their educational, social, family or physical needs. With your help, families will have a safe way to care for their children once the school year ends later this month.

Can you help? Please be assured that every dollar we raise except for the minor cost of letters and emails like this will go directly to providing summer camp scholarships.

On behalf of the families and children whose burden you will help to lift, I thank you most sincerely.

Rabbi Moshe Wiener
Executive Director

P.S.  Poor families face so many challenges when the school year ends.  To help you understand these challenges better, we’ve prepared a brief video. It’s just 2 minutes long.  Thanks in advance for taking a look.