Marlboro Older Adult Center

Marlboro Older Adult Center helps older adults stay both mentally and physically active through socialization, education and healthy living. In addition to creative activities where older adults can engage in music, art or dance, members have the opportunity to learn about and use technology, partake in group
recreation trips or attend exercise classes. Marlboro Older Adult Center has something for everyone, ensuring that each member gets the most out of his or her experience with JCCGCI.

Marlboro Older Adult Center also provides case assistance, helping older adults gain access to needed services, benefits and entitlements they may otherwise be unable to obtain.

We want to give the elderly of our communities a place to congregate and feel valued. While we believe in assisting with foundational needs, such as food and physical health, we know elderly care goes beyond the basics; it’s about maintaining a fulfilling life.

Marlboro Older Adult Center is popular with a diverse demographic of attendees. We offer excellent food and a wide range of physical activities, arts and crafts and dancing. Staff and older adults are very friendly and welcoming, and celebrate multiple cultures throughout the year.

Marlboro老年人中心很受与会者的欢迎。我们提供优质的食物以及各种各样的体育活动,手工 艺品和舞蹈。员工和老年人都非常友好和热情,并且全年庆祝多种文化。

Marlboro Older Adult Center для пожилых людей предоставляет услуги для многонациональных слоев населения и разнообразных этнических групп. Центр предлагает питательные и вкусные завтраки и обеды, широкий выбор классов по фитнесу, уроки танцев, занятия по декоративно-прикладному искусству. Вы найдете в центре дружественную и гостеприимную атмосферу и коллектив, сможете познакомиться с многонациональными культурными традициями различных народов во время проведения различных празднований в течение всего года.

El Centro Marlboro para envejecientes, es muy popular debido a la gran diversidad de asistentes. Ofrecemos una excelente comida y una gran variedad de programas de actividades físicas y artísticas. Las personas encargadas del programa al igual, que los participantes son muy amistosos. En el centro hay celebraciones durante todo el año.

Here are some highlights of programs offered at Marlboro Older Adult Center:

● Health services including blood pressure screenings, brain/memory exercises, diabetes management programs, flu and pneumonia vaccines, mental health
awareness and fall prevention training
● Aerobics and Dance, including Tai Chi and ZUmba
● Ping Pong
● State of the art computer labs and computer classes
● Choral groups and music
● A variety of art classes
● Intergenerational programs with local students who meet and perform for our older adults
● Multicultural events (Russian Woman Day, Lunar New Year, Black History month, Hispanic Heritage)
● ESL and conversational English classes
● Monthly trips to Broadway shows, concerts, museums, the circus, the aquarium, Atlantic City and shopping , parks or the Philharmonic orchestra

Marlboro Older Adult Center
2298 W 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

We would like to thank our older adult center funders, NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), NYS State Office for the Aging (SOFA), NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA), NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the NYC Council.

For further information about Marlboro Older Adult Center, call 718-373-6161 or email


Для получения подробной информации о работе центра Marlboro Older Adult Center звоните по телефону 718-373-6161 или пишите на email

Pará más información, por favor comuníquese on el centro Marlboro de envejecientes al teléfono (718) 373-6161 o atraves de nuestro correo electrónico

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