Jay Harama Older Adult Center

Jay Harama Older Adult Center is an active, lively older adult center that has frequent dance programs, holiday celebrations and monthly birthday parties. Offers high-skilled art classes like Chinese sketching, needlepoint, quilting or crocheting. This center is equipped with a computer lab and also provides English as a second language (ESL) classes.

Jay Harama老年中心是一个活跃,活泼的老年中心,经常举办舞蹈节目,节日庆祝活动和每月生 日聚会。提供高技能的美术课,例如中国素描,针刺,缝或钩编。该中心配备了电脑室,并提供 英语作为第二语言(ESL)的课程。

Jay Harama Older Adult Center – центр активного долголетия для людей старшего поколения. В центре проводятся танцевальные программы, праздничные мероприятия и празднования дней рождений каждый месяц. Центр предлагает классы высокого мастерства по изучению искусства китайской вышивки, рисования, вязания. Открыта компьютерная лаборатория для обучения навыкам компьютерной грамотности,
проводятся занятия по английскому языку.

Here are some highlights of programs offered at our centers:

• Health services including blood pressure screenings, brain/memory exercises, diabetes management programs, flu and pneumonia vaccines, mental health awareness and fall prevention training
• Aerobics and Dance (including Tai Chi)
• State of the art computer labs
• Choral groups and music
• A variety of art classes
• Intergenerational programs with local students who meet and perform for our older adults
• Multicultural events (Russian Woman Day, Lunar New Year, Black History month, Hispanic Heritage)
• ESL and conversational English classes
• Monthly trips to Broadway shows, concerts, museums, the circus, the aquarium, parks or the Philharmonic orchestra

Jay Harama Older Adult Center
2600 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229

We would like to thank our older adult center funders, NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), NYS State Office for the Aging (SOFA), NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA), NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the NYC Council.

For further information about Jay Harama Older Adult Center call 718-891-1110 or email

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