Haber House Older Adult Center

Haber House Older Adult Center help older adults stay both mentally and physically active through socialization, education and healthy living. In addition to creative activities where older adults can engage in music, art or dance, members have the opportunity to learn about and use technology, partake in group recreation trips or attend exercise classes. Our older adults centers have something for everyone, ensuring that each member gets the most out of his or her experience with JCCGCI.

Haber House Older Adult Center also provides case assistance, helping older adults gain access to needed services, benefits and entitlements they may otherwise be unable to obtain. We want to give the elderly of our communities a place to congregate and feel valued. While we believe in assisting with foundational needs, such as food and physical health, we know elderly care goes beyond the basics; it’s about maintaining a fulfilling life.

Haber House Older Adult Center offers multicultural and diverse activities in Arts, dance, zumba, Tai Chi, exercise, and music. We offer ESL classes in conjunction with WespeakNYC. A new computer lab is available for beginners and advanced levels. Regular trips to museums, Broadway shows, and other fun, educational and historical events. Live concerts with well known musicians on the holidays. Also has food pantry available for older adults and accommodates a large concentration of Holocaust survivor attendees. Hosts a specialty Sunday program with entertainment, food and socialization.

Haber House 老年人中心有艺术,舞蹈,尊巴舞,太极拳,运动和音乐,提供多元文化和多样化 的活动。 我们与WespeakNYC一起提供ESL课程。 新的电脑室給初学者和高水平学 员使用。每月有参观博物馆,百老汇表演以及其他有趣的教育和历史活动。 假期有知名音乐家举行现 场音乐会。 还有食品分派給老年人,有大場地給大屠杀幸存者參加。間中主持特別的周日节目 ,其中包括娱乐,美食和社交活动。

Haber House центр для людей старшего поколения предоставляет возможность провести досуг, посещая различные культурные и спортивные мероприятия. Организованы занятия по искусству, танцевальные классы, лечебная физкультура, уроки зумбы, тайчи, аэробики, музыки. Открыта компьютерная лаборатория для обучения навыкам компьютерной грамотности для всех уровней, проводится обучение английскому языку
совместно с WespeakNYC. Центр организовывает на постоянной основе праздничные концерты с участием известных музыкантов, походы в музеи, на Бродвейские шоу, и другие многокультурные образовательные и развлекательные мероприятия. Центр организовывает специальную воскресную развлекательную программу с музыкой, едой. В центре проводится раздача продуктовых наборов, оказывается помощь пережившим

Here are some highlights of programs offered at our centers:

• Health services including blood pressure screenings, brain/memory exercises, diabetes management programs, flu and pneumonia vaccines, mental health awareness and fall prevention training
• Aerobics and Dance
• State of the art computer labs
• Choral groups and music
• A variety of art classes
• Groups such as baking, chess and book clubs
• Weekly body and mind support groups led by mental health professionals
• Intergenerational programs with local students who meet and perform for our older adults
• Multicultural events (Russian Woman Day, Lunar New Year, Black History month, Puerto Rican Heritage)
• Parties such as monthly birthdays, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Purim, Victory Day, Memorial Day
• ESL and conversational English classes
• Monthly trips to Broadway shows, concerts, museums, the circus, the aquarium,  botanical gardens, parks or the Philharmonic orchestra

Haber House Older Adult Center
3024 W 24th St, Brooklyn, NY 11224

We would like to thank our older adult center funders, NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), NYS State Office for the Aging (SOFA), NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA), NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the NYC Council.

For further information about Haber House Older Adult Center call 718-372-5775 or email

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