Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, Inc.

3001 West 37th St
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Main Phone: 718-449-5000

Fax: 718-946-8240


Senior Citizen Transportation Program: 718-449-5000 x1

Senior Citizen Homecare Program: 718-449-5000 x3

NonProfit Helpdesk: 718-449-5000 x4

College and Related Experience (CARE) Program: 718-449-5000 x5

Vocational and Adult Literacy Services: 718-449-5000 x6

Fiscal Office: 718-449-5000 x7

Administrative Offices: 718-449-5000 x8

Coney Island Seaside Innovative Senior Center: 718-449-5000 x2350

Health Insurance Counseling Center: 718-449-5000 x2211

Connect2 Homebound Visitation Program: 718-449-5000 x2310

Citymeals Friendly Visiting Program: 718-449-5000 x2311

Horizons Academy: 718-449-5000 x 2312

Marlboro Senior Center: 718-373-6161

Jay Harama Senior Center: 718-891-1110

Ocean Parkway Senior Center: 718-449-5000 x2820

Haber House Senior Center: 718-372-5775