On March 10th of this year (2020) the holiday of Purim was celebrated, when we read in the Biblical “Book of Esther,” known as the “Megillah,” that Mordechai exclaimed to Esther “And who knows whether it was just for such a time as this that you attained the royal position!

Not everyone recognizes an opportunity to rise to greatness. Not everyone in a position to attain greatness has the courage, tenacity and perseverance to do so.

As we are faced with a “Just Such A Time” – a threat of epic and unprecedented proportions, Met Council’s CEO David Greenfield and his Food Czar, Jessica Chait are demonstrating why (amongst many other reasons) they have “Attained the Royal Position.”

David Greenfield’s incomparable and passionate government and media relations, advocacy and resource development skills are saving not only Met Council’s but all local Food Pantries from devastation when they are needed the most.

And Jessica Chait’s incredible organizational skills, self-sacrifice and motivating energy are enabling Met Council’s Kosher Food Network to accomplish what would otherwise be assumed to be impossible under the current conditions.

Let us join in expressing our profound gratitude for their extraordinary efforts and our hope and prayer for their (and all of our) collective success in providing relief and sustenance to those who need it the most.

And may we all witness this new month as again a time of “transformation from one of sorrow to gladness and from mourning to festivity.”