Why we are honoring Kayza Kleinman 

  • Throughout these three decades, Kayza Kleinman served as JCCGCI’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Information Technology (IT) Director and has been responsible for the development and maintenance of our computer and communications systems.
  • Since 1992, Kayza Kleinman has also served as the Founding Director of our NonProfit HelpDesk (NPHD) division. [See: https://www.nphd.org].

Kayza came to JCCGCI when computers and digital automation were in the early stages of introduction to and utilization by nonprofit organizations.

 Her first crowning achievement was the development of the award-winning Management Information System (MIS) which automated the programmatic recordkeeping and reporting (and in some cases – also scheduling) of JCCGCI programs and services.

 This MIS system, which benefitted not only JCCGCI but also many other organizations, was initially developed in the late 1980’s and then expanded and updated by Kayza throughout the decades since. Despite a growing, large family, Kayza often dedicated nights and weekends to complete IT related projects for JCCGCI and for other organizations at which our MIS system was installed.

 The second of Kayza’ s historic accomplishments was the founding of our NonProfit HelpDesk (NPHD) division. Originally created in 1992 in response to the initiation of funding sources to see our information technology resources shared with other nonprofits to help upgrade their programmatic, fiscal and administrative efficiency, effectiveness and accountability — NPHD eventually expanded to be a full service technical assistance provider helping nonprofits citywide build their capacity and success. A catalogue of impressive range of services available through NPHD may be viewed athttp://www.nphd.org

 Always accessible and insightful, Kayza has become a respected resource and source of guidance to NYC’s nonprofits regarding IT and related issues. Versatile as she is, Kayza provides technical assistance to every type of organization (regardless of size, scope of service, ethnic background, etc.) and has an innate ability to relay, oftentimes, complex information to audiences of all levels. Although she is distinguished by her wealth of information, Kayza remarkably remains approachable and relatable to all of her colleagues, in an effort to enrich both the individual and the organization.

 As technology increasingly impacts every aspect of JCCGCI, we are fortunate to have Kayza as our Chief information Officer (CIO) ensuring that information technology adds the maximum value to JCCGCI, facilitating efficiency and accountability in the delivery of services to our clients.

 Examples of recent IT initiatives Kayza played a key role in include selecting and implementing an upgraded phone system, a purchase order system, a surveillance system, a specialized data base for one of our workforce development programs, a document management system, as well as developing procedures for programs’ social media use and protecting clients’ personal identifying information and preparing specifications and managing the bidding process for upgrades to our MIS systems.  

 Kayza Kleinman came to JCCGCI 30 years ago while expecting her first child. She is now the mother of six adult children and a growing number of grandchildren.

 Please join us in acknowledging Kayza’ s incredible achievements and extraordinary dedication and in wishing her continued success in good health for many years to come.

Kayza Kleinman 30th Anniversary Commemorative Journal