Appointment of Jeffrey Prince, MBA as

New Director of JCCGCI’s

Workforce Development Program

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Prince, MBA, as the new Director of JCCGCI’s Workforce Development Program (WDP) (also known as JobMap).
Mr. Prince is a veteran Workforce Development professional who has successfully headed JCCGCI’s Parnossah Employment Services Program since 2015. He has replaced Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, who served as founding Director of our WDP and oversaw its implementation and was the impetus behind its outstanding success during the first four years of its existence.
WDP was created in 2017 as a Mayoral supported and HRA administered pilot, demonstration project. Its objective has been to address a major unmet need to provide culturally sensitive career services to populations who have not been adequately reached by other Career Pathways initiatives, as was demonstrated by a comprehensive, well-documented study authored by Mr. David Rubel, a prominent community policy and planning consultant. During its initial four years of operation, WDP experienced extraordinary success and established five sites in diverse communities (Williamsburg, Borough Park, Crown Heights, Far Rockaway and Gravesend) and successfully provided various career services to over 4,000 low-income individuals (including more than 1,000 who benefitted from occupational skills training) and achieved more than 700 job placements, mostly in well paying positions. WDP also introduced new and innovative service models into the workforce development space, including the Career Conversations video library (developed by Rabbi Werde – see and an online resource for job seekers that includes training guides, job listings, and resources (developed by public policy consultant David Rubel – see
Mr. Prince is not new to JCCGCI’s WDP. He supported WDP as its Director of Job Development since 2019, and has had an outsized impact on the success of the program across the city. He has a long and illustrious history of job development and placement, developing relationships with potential employers, career counseling, resume building, and employment transition guidance. Mr. Prince also served as the Director of Job Development at JCCGCI’s Internship Placement Services program (IPS – also funded by HRA), where he oversaw enormous successes for the program, including exceeding placement goals by 50% during his tenure in that position.
Before he joined JCCGCI’s team, Mr. Prince was the Senior Coordinator of the FEGS Parnossah Project, where he offered career counseling services to hundreds of clients each year, and delivered workshops to job seekers of every level. Prior to that, he was the Senior Program Coordinator at WeCare, where he supervised a large team responsible for coordinating job placements for clients. Before that, Mr. Prince served as the Director of Staffing Operations at The Cantor Concern Staffing Options, where he advised both potential employers and employees in navigating the job market. He also served as the UJA-Federation of New York’s Marketing and Communications Manager, where he directed public relations for UJA-Federation.
He received his Master of Business Administration degree from Pace University, graduating with honors, and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Queens College, graduating Cum Laude.
Mr. Prince, pictured here offering employment counseling to a Brooklyn resident.
Under Mr. Prince’s leadership, JCCGCI’s Parnossah Employment Services Program has aided thousands of Brooklyn residents in furthering their professional and vocational acumen. He also oversees a scholarship program that awards funds to support clients who seek to improve their employability by obtaining professional or educational training.
Rabbi Moshe Wiener, Executive Director of JCCGCI, celebrated the new appointment of Mr. Prince, saying, “Mr. Prince brings tremendous experience and skill to the Workforce Development Program, the perfect leader to oversee the continued success and expansion of the unique assistance that the program offers. We are unendingly grateful for the sagacious and tireless mentoring and guidance and dedicated support and assistance to WDP by two esteemed experts in the field of workforce development: Virginia Cruickshank, JCCGCI’s Senior Workforce Consultant, along with aforementioned Planning and Public Policy Research Consultant, David Rubel.”