“Rebuilding the Ark” –

A Superstorm Sandy Sixth Anniversary Commemoration

Last year, in conjunction with the sixth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island (JCCGCI) installed a commemorative plaque in its main office featuring a comprehensive article about the total destruction suffered by JCCGCI and its subsequent incredible recovery, entitled “Rebuilding the Ark,” which can be viewed by clicking here.

No plaque can adequately express the depth of our gratitude for the caring and generosity of the many funding sources which responded with immense concern and support during this overwhelming crisis, which inflicted such abject hardship upon our communities and displaced our staff to six (6) temporary locations, until our offices could be rebuilt eighteen (18) months after the storm.

Please consider visiting JCCGCI to view the plaque and tour our rebuilt offices.

We hope to find some way to also recognize for posterity the amazing dedication and resilience of our staff who, despite the utter devastation, managed to immediately rebound in the first days following the storm and resume and maintain the manifold vital services we provide to as many as 2,500 needy clients each day throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Ceremony to Unveil a “High Water Mark” Sign

Associated with last year’s fifth anniversary, Commissioner Joseph J. Esposito of NYC’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) unveiled a “High Water Mark” sign in front of the main offices of JCCGCI, at a ceremony held on Thursday, October 26th, 2017. The high water mark sign highlights that Hurricane Sandy brought a storm surge of six feet to the center completely destroying the first floor main office, which is the hub coordinating JCCGCI’s programs and services citywide. The High Water Mark Initiative is a community-based awareness program that increases local communities’ awareness of flood risk. As part of the project, communities post high water mark signs in prominent places and conduct ongoing education and mitigation actions to build community resilience against future flooding.

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