In this unprecedented situation, all of us are aching to DO something. 

I’m sure you would give anything – absolutely anything – to save lives.

So, what if I told you that even from home, you can come to the rescue of those in the most danger from the dreaded Coronavirus?

Because you can make the difference between life and death for our own precious elderly and needy men and women right here in Brooklyn.

At the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, we are in touch with thousands of elderly men and women at risk. We know which are struggling with health issues, which can no longer shop or cook for themselves. We know which are left completely helpless when their caregivers don’t show up. 

We know because they call us. Frantically wondering what to do… begging for a meal, begging for help.


We have been working day and night to distribute critical groceries and supplies; we have vastly expanded our meals-on-wheels deliveries for the elderly who are afraid to step foot out of their apartments.

All of this is absolutely necessary… incredibly costly… and in YOUR hands.

Only with your generosity can we answer the call of all these deserving, beloved grandparents and great-grandparents and other needy men and women. Only you can come to their rescue and be the hero of this year’s Passover story.

So many are depending on you.  

Your donation dollars provide lifesaving services to the elderly, the impoverished, the homeless and the hungry right here in our area. Help us answer all the desperate pleas for hot, nourishing meals and redeemable food and grocery vouchers to get people through this crisis.

Right now, every dollar donated will be matched – dollar for dollar – up to $50,000. Please click to donate right now!


In the merit of your kindness, may G-d bless all of us with a kosher, happy, safe and healthy Passover.


Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island (JCCGCI) is a community-based organization with a citywide scope, providing a wide-spectrum of senior citizen, vocational, educational, crime-reduction, community revitalization and related services benefiting all segments of the population. JCCGCI is also a technical assistance provider, offering capacity building services to nonprofits in all five boroughs through its NonProfit HelpDesk division ( With 35 program sites throughout New York City staffed by almost 350 social service professionals, JCCGCI assists an average of upwards of 2,500 needy individuals and families each day.