Hurricane German Consulate Grant

Hurricane Sandy

Like so many of our community members, the JCCGCI faced tremendous damage when Hurricane Sandy landed in 2012. Six feet of flood water destroyed our central offices, claiming our equipment, furniture and important files in its path. Due to severe structural damage, the estimates of restoring our facilities stood at over $1 million.

The JCCGCI staff showed amazing dedication and resilience during our recovery process. Many of them spread out to different sites to help wherever they could. We were fortunate to have thorough technology disaster recovery procedures that enabled us to quickly restore critical services and reestablish contact with our client and staff base. In just a few days, our services were back to full workload.

Thank You

The Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island expresses profound gratitude to the following funding sources who, through the allocation of generous emergency grants, served as “first responders” to our Hurricane Sandy recovery and restoration efforts.