Medicare Part D Help Center

Medicare Part D helps Medicare recipients pay for the cost of prescription medications. There are hundreds of different plans available, and unless the recipient chooses the right plan, the medications that they need to take may not be covered.

JCCGCI’s Medicare Part D program helps Medicare recipients to select the plan that will work best for their individual needs. In order to do this effectively, we have to address their full Medicare situation, as all the parts of the program must interrelate to meet their needs.

The Medicare Part D Help Center provides over 1000 in-person visits each year at JCCGCI’s office, as well as handling many phone calls. We also handle faxes, often working with pharmacies to identify plans that will best cover a recipient’s specific medications.

Our outreach efforts include presentations at community and senior centers, as well as public service announcements on Russian radio.

For further information on the program, or to receive assistance, call 718-449-5000 ext 2211 or email


JCCGCI thanks the New York City Department for the Aging for its support of the JCCGCI Medicare Part D Help Center.

I would like to thank you for your great service in assisting seniors with regard to medical coverage. Medicare and Medicaid regulations are so complex that we will be needing your help for a long time to come. Special thanks to Ms. Veronica Beres who has been taking care of us in a very professional manner.

Mikhail M-V, Brooklyn