Senior Center Facility Details

Haber House Senior Center
3024 W 24th St, Brooklyn, NY 11224


Haber House Senior Center (HHSC) has over 6000 square feet of space in NYCHA Public Housing and can accommodate 240 people at any one time. Facilities include:

  • Lounge (with 46″ video / WII screen)
  • Computer room (with 4 computers and magnifier for visually impaired, printer and scanner)
  • Library / Bicycle room
  • Room with Full Size Pool Table
  • Classroom/ Meeting/ Chess Room
  • Food pantry/recreation room
  • Dining Room (Maximum capacity 150)
  • Kitchen
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Jay Harama Senior Center
2600 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229


Jay-Harama Senior Center (JHSC) is located in a two-story elevator, sponsor-leased building in which JHSC occupies 2 floors (8,700 square feet) plus common area. It can accommodate 520 people at a time. Facilities include:

  • A dining room with a dance floor; the room can accommodate a total of 480 people
  • Offices
  • Kitchen
  • Recreational room with TV, couch and full size pool table
  • Computer lab with 15 computers
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Marlboro Senior Center
2298 W 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Marlboro Senior Center (MSC) occupies 11,200 square feet in an 8 floor NYCHA Public Housing building plus common area. The entire center was completely renovated 5 years ago. It is the only senior center in Gravesend and can accommodate 433 people at any one time. MSC space is shared with the Marlboro Community Center and includes the following fully equipped rooms:

  • Dining Room (Maximum capacity 75)
  • Kitchen
  • Art rooms
  • Library/computer room
  • Well-lit decorated lobby with benches and picture windows where members congregate/socialize
  • Ballroom
  • Game room with billiard table
  • Mah jong and domino tables
  • Piano & TV.
  • Hallways decorated with senior artwork
  • Outdoor fenced in area with stationary benches and table
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Ocean Parkway Senior Center
1960 E 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223
718-449-5000 ext 2860


Ocean Parkway Senior Center (OPSC) occupies the first floor and basement (approximately 4,890 square feet) in a four story multi-family elevator building. The other floors contain 39 senior housing units. OPSC can accommodate 100 people at any one time. Facilities include:

  • Activity room
  • Lounge
  • Lunch room
  • Offices
  • Kitchen
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Coney Island Seaside Innovative Senior Center (Previously Surf Solomon Senior Center)
3001 West 37th street, Brooklyn NY 11224

Coney Island Seaside Innovative Senior Center (CISISC) is located in a two story City-leased building in which CISISC occupies the entire first floor (approximately 13,300 square feet) plus additional storage and common area on the basement floor. CISISC is modern, comfortable and decorated with senior artwork producing a homey atmosphere, and can accommodate 331 people at a time. CISISC contains the following fully equipped activity rooms:

  • Computer lab
  • Recreation room
  • ESL/sewing room
  • Library
  • Art room
  • Auditorium
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Reception and office areas
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