Case Management for Seniors

Senior Centers

All of JCCGCI’s senior centers offer short-term case assistance, information and referrals to their members, to help them gain access to needed services, benefits, and entitlements they would be unable to obtain without such aid. In order to provide this support, senior citizen case managers reach out to the seniors in the center to find out their needs, inform them of appropriate benefits and services available to them, and assist in obtaining desired services or benefit through referrals and advocacy.

ACCESS NYC is used to identify entitlements for which client may be eligible. Case managers may develop a client service plan and may provide advocacy on behalf of clients to assert client rights and eligibility benefits or services.

The case management coordinators, at Haber House, Jay-Harama and Surf Solomon are bilingual in Russian and English. Surf Solomon also has plans to add a part-time Cantonese-speaking Case Manager to serve the growing Asian population.

JCCGCI Central Office Case Management

In addition to the case management services offered in the senior centers, JCCGCI offers case management services at our central office. Most of the clients are senior citizens, but others can also receive services. Clients range from families suffering a loss of income who are suddenly unable to pay rent or utilities, to seniors on fixed incomes who can no longer pay for their groceries, to low-income individuals who need assistance with renewing their benefits applications.

Many clients at the central office are Russian-speaking and have little or no knowledge of English. We help them translate their mail, fill out forms and applications and get advice in Russian. Assistance is provided on income support programs, Medicaid, Food Stamps, housing support, even signing a lease.

The program also provides emotional support and encouragement to immigrants who are still adjusting to a new culture, or dealing with the feelings of loss and alienation from more familiar surroundings.

For further information or to obtain case management services from JCCGCI, call 718-449-5000 ext 2227 or email


JCCGCI thanks the Claims Conference, the Department of Youth and Community Development and the Department for the Aging for funding our case management services.