Building Capacity at Nonprofit Organizations

It takes a lot to survive as a community-based nonprofit organization. JCCGCI created the NonProfit HelpDesk (NPHD), in 1992, to make it easier.

The NonProfit HelpDesk helps your community-based nonprofit go beyond surviving—to thriving. It provides the support you need to put your energy into what you are all about: fulfilling your mission and providing excellent programs.

We build capacity at the community-based nonprofit organizations that are a vital part of the fabric of life in New York City communities.  We do it by providing training and technical assistance to these organizations. We have helped more than 2500 nonprofits to improve their human, technological and financial infrastructure and ultimately expand and enhance service delivery to constituents.

Services for Nonprofit Organizations, by a Nonprofit

Because the NonProfit HelpDesk is itself part of JCCGCI, a social service agency, we know how to deliver holistic support with understanding, relevance and innovation. Prices are kept as low as possible, while providing superior service. We are frequently able to offer our services free of charge.

NPHD offers training and services in:

  • Board Development
  • Financial Management
  • Fundraising
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Development
  • Technology Development

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The NPHD has also developed a college-level curriculum in non-profit management, in conjunction with Brooklyn College.

To view the NonProfit HelpDesk catalog of services, click here.