Passover Appeal


Dear Friend,
We received a heart-breaking request from a local mother:

“We cannot afford a Passover Seder. My son passed away 3 years ago from cancer. My husband is disabled. My baby girl is only 18 months old. Please, can you help us with a Pesach Seder?”

I wish this were a rare request. But it’s not a rare request. Too many people in our area simply cannot afford a traditional Passover meal.

They’ve lost a job. They’ve lost a breadwinner. They’re struggling with age or battling illness or injury.

They’re doing the best they can in an economy and political environment that has significantly weakened its protections for the poor, the elderly, and the sick.

But with your help, we can help them.

Last year, donations from compassionate individuals like you, allowed us to:

• Deliver 1,080 packages containing kosher foods for Passover
• Provide food vouchers for 1,196 beneficiaries to redeem at local stores
• Ensure that 220 low-income elderly individuals participated in communal Pesach Sedarim at seven locations

You can help a 76-year-old woman who’s in danger of not having traditional Passover foods for the first time in her life. You can ensure that an elderly couple attends communal Pesach Sedarim a few blocks from their apartment. You can help ensure that two young brothers have Passover meals this year – helping to ensure that Passover becomes a meaningful part of their young lives.

Every dollar we raise from this letter except for the very minor cost of this mailing will go directly to providing Passover meals.

On behalf of the poor families and elderly individuals you will be assisting, I thank you. Your generosity surely means that you and those dear to you will be blessed with a joyous Passover.

Rabbi Moshe Wiener

Executive Director

In 2016, hundreds of people lined up to receive bags of food for Passover. The need will be just as great – perhaps greater – this year. Can you help?  Thanks in advance for your compassion and generosity.