Passover Appeal



Dear Friend,
A Holocaust survivor with limited income and no savings will be in line.

A young mother with young children who works multiple jobs will be in line.

A man with elderly parents will be in line.

A young woman battling an illness so debilitating that most of us cannot imagine it will be in line.

What line? A line for packages containing kosher food and food vouchers that can be used at local merchants to provide a traditional Passover meal.

How do we know who will be in line? Mothers, fathers, children caring for their elderly parents … every year we encounter people who are doing the best they can in the face of poverty, infirmity, and illness. And every year, we’re there to help.

How many people can we help? That depends on you.

Last year, the combined generosity of many compassionate individuals like you allowed us to:

• Deliver 1,454 packages containing kosher foods for Passover to our neighbors (as in the picture above)

• Provide food vouchers for 1,352 beneficiaries to redeem at local stores

• Ensure that about 200 low-income elderly men and women participated in a communal Pesach Sedarim at several locations

This year, we anticipate the need could be greater – because sadly, the economic and political realities of our time have further weakened protections for the most vulnerable people in our neighborhoods.

We don’t want to turn anyone away – from the line for food packages, from senior centers serving communal meals, or from our neighbors seeking a voucher to help them buy traditional foods.

That’s why every dollar we raise from this letter except for the very minor cost of this mailing will go directly to providing Passover meals.

On behalf of the poor families and elderly individuals you will be assisting, I thank you. Your generosity surely means that you and those dear to you will be blessed with a joyous Passover.

Rabbi Moshe Wiener

Executive Director

In 2017, hundreds of people lined up to receive bags of food for Passover. The need will be just as great – perhaps greater – this year. PLEASE help!

Thanks in advance for your compassion and generosity.