NonProfit Execs Invest in Themselves

December 11, 2013

NonProfit Execs Invest in Themselves

NonProfit Execs Invest in Themselves

Brooklyn, NY, December 11, 2013 – On Monday, December 9, Jonathan Bissell, Director of Continuing Education, awarded certificates to dozens of area nonprofit executives for their completion of the Organizational Reboot Series (ORS). The program, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase Foundation and the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), trains nonprofit executives in key management strategies to navigate a brutal economy. Organizational Reboot Series (ORS) is a series of four workshops that train nonprofit executives in organizational assessment, strategic planning, branding and marketing, and execution.

“All nonprofits are facing more and more competition for fewer funding dollars,” said Chaya Abelsky, Director of Nonprofit Helpdesk, “and the natural reflex is to invest in survival: chasing funding opportunities that might not be the best fit, making across-the-board cuts, eliminating key staff, and generally, reacting to the environment. To succeed, nonprofits need to think and plan like a business. That’s why we created the Organization Reboot Series.”

Brooklyn-based Nonprofit Helpdesk (NPHD) created the Organizational Reboot Series as a sort of “boot camp.” NPHD is credited with creating unique compliments that help in the practical application of the skills and methods in each participants own environment, employing a variety of pre-course activities and several weeks of private coaching to maximize the program’s effectiveness and practicality.

To conclusion of the series featured an elite panel of funders met with the class to share their views on “What funders look for”. The panel included: Jacquie Ebanks of NY Women’s Foundation and Kevin Ryan of New York Foundation and was accompanied by John Magisano, NPHD Fundraising Consultant.

With a clearly defined mission, new plan and marketing strategy in hand – these executives are positioned to welcome new opportunities and to take care of business. Jacqueline Dawson, the Executive Director of RICH, Inc. concluded, “The ORS series was a great way for me to reassess my priorities, and focus my attention on what’s needed to stay competitive in the digital environment. From here on, I will no longer resist ideas offered by the IT team!”

About the NonProfit HelpDesk

The NonProfit HelpDesk (NPHD) was created in 1992 at the urging of the commissioner of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, who saw the need for technical assistance to strengthen nonprofit organizations throughout New York City. We are a project of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island.

We help build capacity at the community-based nonprofit organizations that are a vital part of the fabric of life in New York City communities. These organizations provide youth services, cooked meals, services for the homeless, local development and cultural celebration, as well as many other services. As our social safety net frays, these groups can make a critical difference in the quality of life for neighborhood residents.

The NPHD strengthens these organizations by providing services, education and resources in financial management, technology and in the development of leadership, organizations and programs. Our low-cost, high-quality support helps our clients stabilize their operations, and provide more and better services. We are frequently able to offer our services free of charge.

As part of a social service agency, the NonProfit HelpDesk uses our social service background to deliver holistic support with understanding, relevance and innovation.

The NonProfit HelpDesk has helped more than 2500 NYC nonprofits to automate their fiscal, administrative and programmatic operations, expand their management capacities, boost staff efficiency and confidence and ultimately improve service delivery to constituents.