Appeal for the Frail, Indigent Elderly


Dear friends,


A generous benefactor has promised to match all gifts from new donors and past donors who didn’t contribute last year, so I’d like to tell you about three of the many people you can help today.


  • Gladys is 94.  She has outlived both of her children.  She has a heart condition and arthritis so severe that she can barely walk.  She fell last week.


  • David is 79.  He took amazing care of his wife until she passed away earlier this year.
    He’s alone now.  He just started cancer treatments.


  • Dorothy is 91.  She’s legally blind.  She’s had a stroke.  She’s a Holocaust survivor.


Thanks to generous donations from people like you at, we can bring meals to Gladys.  We can take David to his doctors.  We can provide homecare for Dorothy. 


Sadly, we had to say no when Sarah needed a ride to her dialysis appointment.  We had to say no when Bernard asked for help at home.  We had to say no when Marvin’s neighbor asked if we could bring him meals.  We never want to say no … we simply can’t afford enough vehicles, drivers, and homecare aides.


That’s where you come in on this “giving Tuesday” – a day that’s focused on giving back rather than on giving gifts.  Your donation of:


  • Just $8 gets a Coney Island resident to her local doctor.
  • Just $19 gets an elderly man in Brighton Beach to urgent medical treatment in downtown Bay Ridge.
  • $49 purchases an entire week of meals
  • And $270 enables a frail, homebound senior to receive one week of much-needed homecare


In fact, any donation – large or small – at will help to provide:


  • Transportation and escort services for over 4,000 seniors a year
  • Meal delivery every day for about 350 home-bound, low-income individuals
  • Senior Centers, which provide over 1,200 delicious and nutritious daily meals, plus a warm, safe and social atmosphere
  • Homecare aides for about 800 frail, homebound seniors


We’re thankful for every dollar you can spare at because every donation empowers us to provide another home visit, another meal, another ride to the doctor, another heartfelt conversation, and another proof that generous individuals like you haven’t forgotten our most vulnerable elder neighbors.


Thank you in advance for your generosity especially now that a generous benefactor has come forth to match all gifts from new donors and past donors who didn’t contribute last year.  Plus he’ll double your gift if it’s larger than last year’s gift.


With deepest thanks and an earnest promise that your kind donation will be directed to the elderly residents who need it most, I remain sincerely yours.

Rabbi Moshe Wiener
Executive Director

P.S.  Many of our seniors live in high-crime areas.  Most live alone.  And most suffer from multiple chronic health conditions.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.