JCCGCI receives award from The Pinkerton Foundation in support of our Horizons Academy college and career preparation program

We are delighted to report that the prestigious The Pinkerton Foundation has approved a 5,000 allocation in support of our Horizons Academy.

 Since 2006, our Horizons Academy, a division of JCCGCI’s Educational Support Systems, has been providing programming to financially and academically disadvantaged youth in Abraham Lincoln Public High School in Coney Island, offering academic and career counseling services for successful transition into adulthood.

 Our Horizons Academy uses a strength-based, case management approach to support the academic and career preparation needs of students. Curriculum includes small group SAT preparation, college counseling, career workshops, internships and job preparation.

 We are appreciative to Laurie R. Dien, Senior Program Officer, to Jennifer Correa, Program Officer and to Erickson S. Blakney, Program Officer at The Pinkerton Foundation for the immense amount of time, guidance and support they provided during this application process, which included an intensive site visit on 4/7/14.

 Please join us in congratulating Marissa Sperling and her dedicated staff upon this achievement.