Role: Lead JCCGCI’s Coney Island C2C: BRY Project that will (1) Expand the mental health
knowledge, skills, and strategies of JCCGCI staff that service Coney Island youth; (2) Improve
mental health outcomes for Coney Island youth that participate in JCCGCI’s programs; and (3)
Strengthen community coordination of services and resources through community engagement and

This position includes (but is not limited to) the following responsibilities:

• Overall responsibility for program development, implementation and contract compliance.
• Overall responsibility data management, monitoring, and reporting.
• Key liaison with funding source.
• Recruit and hire Program Assistant.
• Coordinate staff training, staff coaching and supervision.
• Deliver coaching directly as needed.
• Lead staff and community engagement.
• Participate in Case Conferences.
• Coordinate pathways to clinical care for youth.
• Guide JCCGCI’s youth program in integrating into their programs an Intervention
Package, consisting of five components: I. Mental Health Promotion and Outreach, II.
Screenings, III. Psychoeducation, IV. Referrals, and V. Brief interventions.

• A Master’s Degree in Social Work or relevant field;
• Excellent interpersonal and human relations skills;
• A demonstrated knowledge of Coney Island and/or similar neighborhoods;
• Experience in youth and community engagement.
Work Schedule: Part-time, 20 hours a week.