Comprehensive After-School System (COMPASS) SONYC Program

Click below to view a video of our Comprehensive After-School System (COMPASS) SONYC Program

JCCGCI facilitates a COMPASS NYC’s middle school after school program also known as SONYC for School’s Out NYC. This new model serves as a pathway to success for youth in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Students have access to a high quality after school programs designed to give youth necessary skills in this fast pace 21st century. The program runs daily during the school year and becomes a day camp in the summer. The program offers a warm and safe environment and aims to take a holistic approach to working with youth. From a delicious and healthy light dinner/snack, to warm staff, academic support and fun activities, youth benefit from the program on many levels.

The SONYC program provides academic support, assisting students with their homework and improving their interest in school. Student tracking has shown noticeable improvement in the students’ grades.

JCCGCI’s SONYC program offers an exciting program that aims to attract at-risk youth. Through the various club choices such as photography, art, coding and performing arts, every teen is sure to find a class of their interest, opening their eyes to explore future possible careers.

In the 21st century, where science, technology, and engineering will dominate the workforce, JCCGCI’s SONYC program promotes the integration of STEM into many of the courses. From computers, animation, coding, design and sewing, to culinary arts, and crafting, STEM is woven into the curriculum.

The program provides a safe haven for youth and a comfortable zone for students to express themselves in an environment other than the traditional academic school day, allowing them to build the confidence and self-esteem necessary for their high school years and future.

For more information about this program please call 718-735-0770 ext 1285