Camp Scholarship Appeal


Dear Friends,

Think back … when we were younger, the end of the school year was anticipated with joy.

But for so many families in our area, the end of the school year is a time of dread.

Take Moishy’s mother for example. She’s a widow caring for her young family on a single   income. When Moishy’s school year ends, she has no way to take care of her son while she’s at work.

Or consider David’s mother. She survived a serious car accident a few months ago. She’s in near-constant pain. While David is in school, she can attend the physical therapy and medical appointments necessary for her to be well enough to earn a meager living  again.

Or consider Miriam. She has a reading disability. Even though she made great progress during this school year, without an educator’s attention over the summer, she’ll lose ground.

These situations may be very different, but there is one solution and you can help: summer camp.

Each year, we reach out to kind and generous individuals asking – as we are now – for a donation to our summer camp scholarship fund.

With your help, we can ensure that: (1) children have safe and supportive day camp experiences that meet their educational, social, family or physical needs and (2) their families have a safe way to care for their children once the school year ends in late June.

In fact, here are just a few of the many ways our summer camp scholarship program has made a clear and significant difference in the lives of families who are not as fortunate as our own:

• Provided a sense of normalcy for two boys whose father was dying of cancer
• Supported a young girl who was going through cancer treatments herself
• Helped a smart but timid young boy learn how to express himself through writing
• Intensified appreciation for Jewish heritage for many
• Broke through the intense mourning a young girl felt for her mother through a music and drama camp
• Helped children with physical disabilities or disease receive the care they need – and the fun their young lives so desperately long for

Please be assured that every dollar we raise from this letter except for the minor cost of this mailing will go directly to providing summer camp scholarships.

On behalf of the families and children whose burden you will help to lift, I thank you most sincerely.

Rabbi Moshe Wiener
Executive Director

P.S. The school year ends soon and our mailbox is overflowing with requests for help. Please, can you help?