Education Team

Chanie Moskowitz
Afterschool Program Coordinator

Ms. Moskowitz has been the JCCGCI Afterschool Program Coordinator since 2010, and brings to the programs more than 5 years of experience directing and managing after school programs in elementary, middle and high schools. Under her supervision, JCCGCI’s New York State Education Department 21st CCLC and NYS OCFS Advantage Afterschool program received excellent agency reviews and achieved significantly beyond stated outcomes.

Aidela Rabiski
SONYC After School Program Director
718-735-0770 ext 1285

Aidela has been working in JCCGCI’s SONYC (formerly known as OST), a middle school after school program for over 5 years. Her passion, professionalism, creativity and innovation, allows her to design and direct a high quality after school program with a high retention rate. With her direction, the program provides strong academic support, STEM enrichment, and a focus on youth leadership development, empowering youth for the future.

Marissa Sperling
Director of Horizon Academy
718-449-5000 ext 2238

Ms. Sperling is experienced in case management, job and internship development and program direction, and joined JCCGCI after working as a job developer for a number of adult workforce programs. She holds an Associate’s degree from Kingsborough Community College, and received her Bachelors in Communications, Cultures, and Diversity in 2014 from CUNY school of professional studies.

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