Vocational Services

JCCGCI provides vocational services, including job development, job readiness and training and job placement, to underprivileged and immigrant youth and adults through the following programs:

  • CARE (College and Related Experience) Program : Provision of mandatory work experience preparation and placement for low-income young adults who are attending college while receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • Training and Job Placement: Services to adult refugees and those granted asylum in the United States, those in special immigrant status categories specified by the funding agency and individuals receiving specific categories of public assistance
  • Adult Literacy and Basic Education: Assists adults who are not literate in English and who lack a high school degree to gain the literacy, knowledge and skills for employment and self-sufficiency. The program also helps parents/guardians to gain the education to become full partners in their children’s education. We also offer a program in Business ESL for immigrant professionals.
  • Parnossah Employment Services Program: Whether starting out in your career, having lost your job, or wanting to work after raising children, the JCCGCI Parnossah Employment Services Program can help with: Job Referral and Placement; Resume Assistance; Interview Preparation; and Career Counseling. To set up an appointment, call Jeffrey Prince at 718-449-5000, x2246 or email j.prince@jccgci.org.