Community Support Systems

JCCGCI’s “Community Support Systems” division  focuses primarily on the southern Brooklyn neighborhoods adjacent to where JCCGCI’s central offices are located.  Initial program offerings comprising our “Community Support Systems” division include:

* Our “Operation Hood” Cure Violence Program (funded by the NYC Council Anti-Gun Violence initiative, through the efforts and support of Councilman Mark Treyger and administered by NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation and NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene). The goals of the Cure Violence model are to stop shootings and prevent injuries and fatalities in areas identified with high incidence of youth violence through:
▫ identification and mediation of conflicts among high-risk youth in the target area;
▫ identifying high-risk youth and mentoring them about redirecting life choices, job training, schooling, employment, health care, etc.;
▫ mobilizing and uniting the community through shooting responses and community events (e.g., rallies, marches) to raise awareness about violence and to promote community norms that reject violence.                                                 “Operation Hood” maintains a walk- in center located on Mermaid Avenue in the midst of Coney Island

* Our Community Organizations Active in Disasters (COAD) Program (funded by the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery – GOSR) The overall purpose of the COAD Program is to:
▫ Provide supplemental training to improve the capacity of non-profit organizations to provide critical services and support during disaster events, drawing together organizations in the community that are involved in emergency response and recovery services; and
▫ Facilitate the creation of a recovery plan which will better prepare these organizations in the event of future disasters.
The goals of the COAD are:
▫ To identify the challenges that responding community based organizations faced post Superstorm Sandy;
▫ To coordinate resources among multiple community based organizations and/or government agencies to assist the impacted community in their recovery;
▫ To conduct an assessment of the services these organizations plan to provide in the face of future events;
▫ To identify service needs to be fulfilled by other partners; and
▫ To engage in cross-sector coalition building and engagement in a comprehensive training program which would address capacity gaps among COAD members and other members of the not-for-profit and civic communities.
JCCGCI was selected to implement the COAD Program in Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Manhattan Beach and Sea Gate region and in the Gravesend and Bensonhurst region.

* Our NY Rising Community Centers Program (funded by the Governor’s Office on Storm Recovery – GOSR) works to create a network of resilient facilities to provide recovery services in disaster-impacted communities. Our services meet the unique critical recovery and social services needs to the most vulnerable population sectors, which include but are not limited to residents: (1) of low/moderate income; (2) possessing physical disabilities; and/or (3) having limited ability to control their environments in the NY Rising Community of Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, and Sea Gate.

* Our Housing Preservation Initiative (HPI) Program (funded by NYC Council thanks primarily to the recommendation of Councilman Mark Treyger and administered by NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development). Neighborhoods across the city are threatened by a loss of affordable housing, a threat that is made even more severe by the current economic crisis. The Housing Preservation Initiative (HPI) is a proven, successful program that currently funds neighborhood-based groups in approximately twenty five City Council districts to address key threats to affordable housing. HPI has a bottom-up strategy that allows each funded community to develop and implement an effective approach to stop the loss of affordable housing. Since its inception, HPI has been extremely successful in protecting affordable housing and promoting neighborhood stabilization in needy districts. The key to the success of HPI is its flexibility to support neighborhood groups in the development of strategic, grassroots-based solutions that directly address the particular threat to affordable housing in each community.

* Our “Urban Neighborhood Services” wraparound services center. Community solutions supported by our “Urban Neighborhood Services”  include: ▫ Year- round seminars and workshops on personal finance and entrepreneurship ▫ Assistance to local veterans and their families with obtaining services and benefits from the New York State Division of Veterans Affairs
▫ The promotion of the health and well-being of the community by distributing health literature, offering free condoms, conducting health workshops and other programming and assisting residents with signing up for health insurance
▫ Offering a safe space for LGBTQ youth and adults to receive emotional support counseling, and referrals as needed
▫ An annual 8-week summer program for Coney Island youth which focuses on leadership development and community service.
▫ Free SAT- prep classes, free college trips, and college information forums to high-school students
▫ Opportunities for local residents to meet with multi-specialty attorneys at no cost
▫ Information on available employment opportunities and available housing
▫ Opportunities for formerly incarcerated residents to meet with locally-trained volunteers who will help them review their rap sheets and remove barriers to employment, in partnership with South Brooklyn Legal Services
▫ The spreading of anti-violence messages in the community                               Our “Urban Neighborhood Services” wraparound service center is located on Mermaid Avenue in the geographic middle of Coney Island.
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